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1. How do I prepare for my session? 

To make the most of your workout session, it's best to arrive wearing your workout clothes and appropriate shoes. Please remember to bring your own yoga mat and a bottle of water.


2. Do I need to bring any equipment to my session?

You won't need to bring anything other than your yoga mat and water. Every session it'a  new body transformation experience.


3. Can I workout if I am injured or feeling unwell?

This depends on the severity of your injury or how unwell you feel, but it will be advisable to contact your trainer head of time to reschedule your session or speak to your doctor for medical advice.


4. What happens after my purchase?

When you join Body Designer you'll receive a confirmation email. This email is to confirm the purchase and activate your account with Blanco Body Designer. To schedule your session please contact us via email: or  give us a call: 07712286978


5. What results should I expect?

You can expect amazing results from the program in several areas. Firstly you will be more confident because you will lose excess body fat and become more toned. You will have more energy in the day and are likely to experience better sleep at night.  Many people lose a lot of weight during this plan but bodyweight is a notoriously poor measurement of results. We much prefer to focus on the changes to your physical appearance (e.g feeling stronger and improvement in your body confidence.) 


6. Will supplements be included in my plan?

With regards to supplements, Blanco Body Designer prefers to leave them as optional extras. Supplements do work and can definitely provide that edge needed for results. But they are not mandatory for results, as a consistent nutrition plan and workout program ate the most important things to get results. 


7. Does this plan require a Gym Membership?

NOPE, you don't need to have a gym membership for this program. It's helpful to have an exercise mat if you have a hard floor at home, but a towel will do the same job. 


8. What are my payment options?

Our Body Designer packages are monthly rolling bundles of 2 and 3 months from the date of your first payment. All you need is a credit card or debit card to make payments. Once you have selected your own Body Design package that suits your goal, you will have 60 and 90 days respectively to complete the  6 to 12 sessions package with your Body Designer trainer. The Body Designer programme is non-refundable.


9. If I don't get any results?

If you follow the program and the advice of our team of experts you WILL get results. This exact program has been tested and followed by thousands of people and we've never had anyone complete it without experiencing any results. That's how confident we are in this program. It will only depend on how committed you are to this program.


10. I booked a session, but now it looks like it's going to rain. Can I cancel or reschedule?

In general, come wind, rain or hail, you can expect the session to take place at our studio or at the comfort of your home depending on your chosen package. Unfortunately, we can't be held liable for any unforeseen weather conditions as our trainers take public transport or drive a motorbike to come to your place of choice, and in this case for safety reasons your session might be rescheduled.  However, our trainers are also reasonable and may offer you an alternative date for your session. This is down to the discretion of the trainer. If you and your trainer agreed to change the date of the sessions and it is within the 24 hours cancellation period, please get in contact with your trainer and they will be able to amend the session for you.


11. How do I contact Blanco Fitness?

You can contact us at any time by emailing the support team HERE.



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