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1. Membership

1.1 By submitting this membership form you agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions of membership and the current edition of Blanco Body Designer rules as may be amended by Blanco Body Designer from time to time at its discretion throughout your period of membership.
1.2 You will only be permitted to book sessions provided your membership is current and fully paid up or you have made payment arrangements acceptable to Blanco Body Designer.

1.3 Permission to website members only area is granted to temporarily download one copy of the materials (information or software) on the Company's website for personal, non-commercial transitory viewing only. This is the grant of a license, not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not: modify or copy the materials; Use the materials for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial); attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on Company's web site; remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials; or transfer the materials to another person or 'mirror' the materials on any other server.

1.4 This membership shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions and may be terminated by Blanco Body Designer at any time. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format.

1.5 Blanco Body Designer will not accept liability for any damage or loss to the client's personal property brought into the sessions. 

1.6 You are entitled to receive due care and attention from all our trainers and will be given an opportunity to receive the bookings and services you require. 


2. Bookings

2.1 Blanco Body Designer may at any time cancel your session or appointment, due to transport disruptions, alterations, accommodate external events or otherwise, or to facilitate Blanco Body Designer programmes and on certain holidays.

2.2 Property of Blanco Body Designer, including equipment, mat, etc, is provided by Blanco Body Designer as a courtesy to its clients during session usage only.

2.3 If a client cancels a session within 24 hours of the start of the session, they will not be offered the opportunity to move the session and will be charged for the session. 

2.4 The time slot for any session that is moved or canceled will be made available to other client and will no longer be entitled to that session. 

2.5 Clients who do not attend sessions without informing the trainer before the session will be charged in full for the session and will not be offered the opportunity to move the session. This is deemed a "no show"

2.6 All cancellations of sessions must be made in person, by phone or by email. 

2.7 If a Trainer cancels a session within 24 hours of the start of the session, you will then be granted to a free session at the end of your current membership.

2.8 Blanco Fitness reserves the right to alter the trainer that you have requested should your trainer not be available. Blanco Body Designer will attempt to inform you of any such changes. 


3. Duration

3.1 When you join Blanco Body Designer you are agreeing to remain a member for a minimum fixed commitment period from the start date of to the end date of (the "Commitment Period"). When you choose to join Blanco Body Designer services by paying your Commitment Period membership fee, your membership will terminate automatically on expiry of the Commitment Period. 

3.2 All session must be used within the commitment period of no longer than 60 and 90 days of the initial payment date depending on your chosen package, including bank holidays. Refunds are only applicable when Illness inhabits condition (doctor's certificate it is required). 


4. Default and Late Payment:

4.1 If your bank fails to make a due direct debit payment from your account, we will write to advise you of this. We may apply to your bank for payment by direct debit twice within one calendar month and we reserve the right to refer any missed due payments to a payment processing agent to receive and collect your monthly direct debit installments and in respect of payments made by direct/credit card.

4.2 We charge a fee of no more than £15 for failed direct debit, late payments in respect of unpaid amounts.
4.3 Should any membership fees not be paid within 30 days of the due date, the full membership fee for the remainder of the Commitment Period will automatically become due and payable.  During any period in which membership fees are not paid Blanco Body Designer may suspend your membership and deactivate your members only website access.


5. Medical Disclaimer

5.1 In becoming a member of Blanco Body Designer with the intent of using Blanco Body Designer fitness services, you affirm that either (A) all of the following statements are true: (i) no Doctor or other health-care professional has ever informed you that you have a heart condition or that you should only do physical activities recommended by a Doctor or healthcare professional; (ii) you have never felt chest pain when engaging in physical activity; (iii) you have not experienced chest pain when not engaged in physical activity at any time within the past month; (iv) you have never lost your balance because of dizziness and you have never lost consciousness; (v) you do not have a bone or joint problem that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity; (vi) your Doctor or healthcare professional is not currently prescribing drugs for your blood pressure or heart condition; (vii) you do not have a history of high blood pressure, and no one in your immediate family has a history of high blood pressure or heart problems; and (viii) you do not know of any other reason you should not exercise; or (B) your Doctor has specifically approved of your use of Blanco Body Designer Fitness service. 

5.1 If applicable, You further affirm that (A) you are not pregnant, breastfeeding or lactating or (B) your Doctor or other healthcare professional has specifically approved your use of Blanco Body Designer services.

5.2 Blanco Body Designer reserves the right to refuse or cancel your membership if we determine that you have certain medical conditions.

5.3 You consent to be to being aware of your own health and physical condition and having knowledge that your participation in this program and fitness testing procedures may be injurious to your health and you are voluntarily participating in Blanco Body Designer fitness training, exercise, and nutrition plan. Having such knowledge you thereby release Blanco Body Designer representatives, trainers, and successors from liability for accidental injury, illness or death which you may incur as a result of participating in the said programme. You hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in this program.


6. Generally expected results

6.1 Although the products and services at Blanco Body Designer are intended to be fully implemented, sometimes they are not, which could result in a lack of progress/results for the user.

6.2 If you implement the products and services from Blanco Body Designer correctly you should see amazing results, however it must be disclaimed that even when consumers implement any products or services in full from Blanco Body designer it is still possible they will not get the results they may have expected and it is also possible they will not lose fat or gain muscle or achieve any positive results of any kind.


7. Testimonial Disclaimer

7.1 All the transformations and testimonials are real. However, it must be disclaimed that these testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results with Blanco Body Designer services. 

8.2 Your results may vary from using Blanco Body Designer, and you may not get the same results compared to someone else when using Blanco Body Designer services due to differences in your individual exercise history, genetics, and personal motivation/dedication. The end results you get will depend on the individual and how much effort you put in.


8. Revisions and Errata

8.1 The materials appearing on Company's web site could include technical, typographical, or photographic errors. The company does not warrant that any of the materials on its web site are accurate, complete, or current. The Company may make changes to the materials contained on its web site at any time without notice. The Company does not, however, make any commitment to update the materials.


9. Links

9.1 Company has not reviewed all of the sites linked to its Internet web site and is not responsible for the contents of any such linked site. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Company of the site. Use of any such linked web site is at the user's own risk.


10. Site Terms of Use Modifications

10.1 Company may revise these terms of use for its web site at any time without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


11. Governing Law
11.1 The Trainer has the right to change these Terms and Conditions, for example, to be able to offer new services or as required by law.

11.2 You are responsible for keeping all your contact information and marketing preferences up to date with Blanco Body Designer services in order to comply with Data Protection Act 1998, Blanco Body Designer will only do what you ask him/her to do, or give him/her permission to do with any personal or sensitive information held by the client. This agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. Claims relating to Company website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.





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