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You're totally lost and overwhelmed on how to get started on breaking bad habits and seek clarity on those all-important first steps.

Are you tired of putting your life on hold because you lack the time to live a healthier lifestyle and focus on your personal goals? 

You don't know how to turn bad habits into HUGE daily positive actions and How to get back on track if you have a setback. 

You feel Anxious and depress and are unsure if there is enough time to make your goals a success. 

That's why I created 12 Week Body Designer Formula For Busy Professionals

I was tired of juggling dozen of things at the same time, just like you, being left stuck and let down in their pursuit of achieving their health & Fitness goals, thanks to:


Sleazy "TRANSFORMATION" Guru's who promise you the world but deliver very little despite charging you thousands of pounds £££


Workout Plan that leaves you overwhelmed by information and offers little/ no personal guidance or support..


Worthless "Diet" programs that promise you to lose weight yet teach you nothing about nutrition and meal planning strategies.

Thankfully, This is about to change...

12 Week

Body Designer

Wellness Solution

Health, Confidence & Success in one place!

Elite Plan Designed Specifically To Help You Regain Control Of Your Health, Confidence & Success!

If it does, then you already know what a nightmare it can be trying to find time to find the perfect balance in all areas of your life, exercise and eat healthy to successfully design & transform your life when you are busy working.

Introducing The Body Designer

 For Busy Professionals

The Breaking Bad Habits & Health & Fitness Mastery is your essential resource for the training, advice, and support you need to plan, design and achieve sustainable, meaningful results.

By joining the 12-week Mastery you'll be able to:

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Escape the yo-yo dieting and complicated training model and create more freedom in your life to have more time off and lead the healthy lifestyle you want and desire.


Build your Body Confidence, get the Body Design that you love and discover more nutrition strategies by having the opportunity to impact your health and ditch the diet culture once and for all. 


Achieve Last-longing results which will mean you can do whatever you want while investing more into yourself, your health, and your professional life

Follow The Online Roadmap

Use our unique implementation Roadmaps to guide you through everything that you need to do whether you're at the beginning of your weight loss journey, looking to improve your health & fitness or simply looking to design the next stage of your life.


Keep track of your progress and avoid overwhelm by always knowing what you should be focusing on. 


The roadmap is included in your membership and forms the backbone of our training.

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Complete The 12-week Body Designer Formula For Busy Professionals


We have a huge library of Tailored made workouts for you to dive straight into as soon as you join, from full programs on goals ranging from weight loss online coaching, to life coaching to productivity, to quick win tech tutorials and expert workshops to deep dive on specific tactics.


Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.


All coaching tools, meal plans & workouts are included for members.

Download The Resources

Get instant access to Nutrition Guidelines + Downloadable Resources as a Body Designer Member. 


These world-class resources have never been released to the public — they are exclusive to Masterclass members only.

Our resources NEVER stop growing!


All Body Designer Members Get Access To

Direct Feedback

Get feedback from your private coach Carolina,  on everything from your personal goals ideas to your workout program, nutrition, and even life coaching plans.

Live Workshops

Regular live training calls, Q&A's and feedback sessions - with access to the full archive of past recordings. 

Private One-To-One Coaching

This is a serious online coaching session designed for committed professionals in designing their health & fitness plan as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Tech Library 

Get instant access to our super-simple, step-by-step tutorials that walk you through exactly how to set up, customize and design everything.

In-Depth Course

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Want to see some more?

If you'd like to see the entire course strategy, click here.

Take a look inside the Body Designer Academy